Darkness Around My Home

2.0.    An  Evil Visitor (Part-Two)

What pushed Kebe to embark on that trip to Abuja, in her mental state? It was none other than the marine Queen of the Coast who was assigned to destroy the children of Chief Asuquo, especially, those from Mama Arit. Having succeeded in afflicting Kebe’s junior brother with madness and now herself, the evil demonic queen was now targeting me, their last brother from the same womb. The plan was carefully hatched with other demons in Umor to create the enabling environment to get Kebe enough money to pay for the seven hours trip to the city. After picking some few clothing, she put them into a nylon bag and headed straight to the inter-state motor park. The demon of distraction was present at the motor park to confuse the handlers of those travelling from recognizing her and raising an alarm. Her appearance alone should have given her away; the attire was looking shabby and on her feet were bathroom slippers. Continue reading “Darkness Around My Home”


Demonic Trackers From My Foundation

  1. 0     An Evil Visitor (Part-One)

We were not expecting any visitor from Umor, my hometown, because I didn’t remember inviting anybody over. The shock that struck me when at about 8pm that fateful night , my mobile phone rang. Someone at the other end told me my mentally disturbed sister was in the city, and that I should come and pick her up. Instantly, my countenance changed and I did not know whether to get angry or shout at the caller. How could they have allowed a mentally sick person to enter their vehicle and transported her more than seven hundred kilometres without a helper by her side? Who could have done this evil? Something inside of me, told me my mother was not aware of her coming. I refused to go because I knew the trouble her presences would bring to my family. It was only the pleading of my dear wife, Shirley that prompted me to drive across town that night to pick up my sister. Blood really is thicker than water! Continue reading “Demonic Trackers From My Foundation”

Real Life Encounter With Evil By An Evangelist


Galilee Hills is a quite middle class suburb tucked away less than four kilometres from Asokoro District: the wealthiest residential neighbourhood in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, located East of the city. That is where I called home. Serene environments have always held an attraction for me, so when the offer came in the way of a plot of land, I didn’t allow it to pass me by. On inspection of the said plot, the panoramic view of the plains below took my breath away. Before you could say jack, the purchase contracts were signed and the plot of land soon became mine to develop into residential apartments. Continue reading “Real Life Encounter With Evil By An Evangelist”